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Home Creations aim to provide an online easy shopping..... Especially for those who like to shop at their own leisure.
We want you to be thrilled with your purchase... Therefore..Please don't hesitate to contact us if any additional info would be helpful.... O.k happy shopping and hope you will have lots of fun here.......

Terms and Conditions

Dear Customer...
Please take note and read it carefully in order to avoid MISUNDERSTANDING....

1) All price stated are in Brunei dollars.
2) All items are in perfect condition unless stated.
3) Good sold are strictly non-refundable, non-exchangable and
4) We entertain serious buyers only.
5) Full payment is required before we could proceed with your
6) No cancelation is allowed once order is made.
7) All information provided to us will be kept personal and
8) We will not be responsible for any delayed arrival, losses or damage goods after the goods are sold and sent out by post.
9) Please note that due to limitation in photography, the color
shown in the photograph may not correspond 100% to
those in the items themselves.

How to Order?

1) Please fill in the order form. ( Important : Use for reference)
2) Wait for our confirmation about the order. You may check it in our confirmation chat box provided in our blog or through your email.
3) Make full payment for the ordered items.
4) Inform us about the payment.
5) Once the payment received then the ordered item/s will be sent by post or else if any.

Payment Method.

1) All payment should be made in Brunei dollars.
2) Payment can be done through :
a) POSTAL ORDER using an address which will be given
later in your email.
b) BANK IN into my BIBD account, the number will be
given later in your email.

Delivery Method.

1) Items will be sent via 'POSLaju' or 'Speed Post'.
2) Extra charges are required for postage and handling fees.
Any balances on postage and handling fees will be returned
to the customers.

Postage and Handling Fees (for local customer):

Tutong - B$4
Brunei/ Muara - B$5
Belait - B$5
Temburong - B$5

3) Postage and Handling fees is a subject to change as it is
charge depends on the weight of the items.

Finally, thank you very much for your co-operation and understanding. Enjoy you shopping!!!...;)

Email us for any queries at trisyaluv@hotmail.com

Tatacara Pembelian & Pembayaran:

For Stock in Hand Items :

Cara Mengorder :

1) Sila isi "ORDER FORM" di bawah.
2) Tunggu "ORDER CONFIRMATION" dari kami. (sila check di confirmation box yang tersedia di blog kami atau email biskita).
3) Buat pembayaran penoh untuk barang yang di order.
4) Sila maklumkan kami setelah pembayaran dibuat.
5) Setelah bayaran diterima barang biskita akan di hantar melalui pos atau cara lain yang bersesuaian.

Pembayaran adalah melalui :

1) BIBD Bank (no. akaun akan diberikan melalui email)
2) Postal Order (alamat rumah akan diberikan melalui email)

Kos Penghantaran:

B$4 - B$10 (ikut timbangan), jika kurang akan dimaklumkan kemudian.

Tempoh Penghantaran:

Tempahan akan dihantar selepas bayaran penuh diterima.

Kaedah Penghantaran:

1) PosLaju.
2) Cara lain boleh dibincangkan kemudian.

For Preorder Items :

1. For serious buyer only.
2. Please fill in the ORDER FORM to place your order.
3. 50% DEPOSIT payment needed upon ordering before spree is closed.
4. Deposits need to be bank in into my BIBD bank account. Once you have deposited your money, pls notify me the date and time when you make the payment via sms or email.
5. Once booked and money deposited, no cancellations will be allowed. Deposits will be forfeited. So think twice before ordering.
6. I will process your order when ordering date is closed Or when the orders reach more than 10 items ( for Kain ).
7. Items will usually arrived in 7-14 days time, depending on the supplier stock availability.
8. I will sms/email you if the items arrive.
9. Changes may be made without any notification.

NOTE : Notify me via the chatbox to check the items availability before you make an ordering.....k tq.... Happy shopping....

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Decopage Piring & Cawan

Tempahan di buka kepada sesiapa yang berkenan......Gambar 'Model' di piring dan cawan hanyalah sekadar hiasan......Boleh dijadikan sebagai "Hadiah" atau "Frame Gambar" sebagai koleksi hiasan rumah anda........Harga ada di catitkan di bawah setiap gambar2 yang di pamerkan....

2 jenis bentuk cawan yang ada....gambar model hanyalah sekadar hiasan..boleh di tukar dgn gambar lain yang anda inginkan.....

CWN01 ($10)

CWN02 ($10)

Bermacam2 jenis bentuk piring yang ada.....gambar model hanyalah sekadar gambar hiasan.....Boleh di tukar mengikut kesukaan anda....

PRG01 ($15)

PRG02 ($15)

PRG03 ($15)

PRG04 ($13)

PRG05 ($14)

PRG06 ($13)

PRG07 ($14)

PRG08 ($15)

PRG09 ($15)

PRG10 ($15)

PRG11 ($15)

PRG12 ($14)

Bermacam2 bentuk cawan yang ada dalam simpanan......

CWN03 ($10)

CWN04 ($10)

CWN05 ($10)

CWN06 ($10)

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Piring tu kaca ke plastik